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Model photography is a team sport. At a minimum the team on a shoot is me and the model, but there often will be several other professionals involved: makeup artists, hair stylists, wardrobe stylists and assistants are all common. For a fashion shoot it is rare not to have at least one supporting team member, and for location shoots I may have an assistant. Although the members of the team can change, on any project others may have to be consulted before we decide what we are going to do. Hence “us”.

So how about a little history. How did I end up here, doing what I’m doing?

It’s a long story that really gets started in 1969 when I bought my first good camera: a Minolta SRT-101. I suddenly discovered that there was more to photography than pointing and clicking, and that choices I made mattered. It was a whole new world, full of technology and techniques to be learned and creativity to be explored. I was enthralled!

The fun times:

In those days, being an amateur photographer meant spending countless hours in the darkroom. You had to, if only because trying to print rotten negatives forced you to try to make better negatives the next time. A few thousand rolls later I had made pretty much every shooting and developing mistake that could be made often enough that I was starting to remember not to make them, and had produced enough pictures I could show to people that I was beginning to feel good about calling myself a photographer.


Eventually every photographer asks himself “I wonder if I could make any money doing this?” It seems like a good question. Being paid for doing what you love to do. What could be better than that? And in about 1974 I asked myself that question and decided to give it a go.

Wonder of wonders, it worked! In short order I was shooting newspaper and magazine editorials, commercial assignments, even television spots. Along the way I got a degree in photography, and accumulated hundreds of journalistic and commercial publications. I spent three years as a technical photographer for the United States government, based in Japan, and got to travel all over the Pacific rim helping photographers in other countries. In 1980 I moved to Texas, continued doing commercial and editorial work, and also started shooting for model agencies.

Eventually I moved to New York City in 2000, where spent my time with model agencies, test photography and and commercial and journalistic assignments.

New York is a wonderful place, and every photographer should spend some time there. But it’s not the only place, nor even necessarily the best place. And so I have moved Las Vegas, where my teams and I are deeply involved with the local modeling, arts and performing arts communities.

At this point I am retired from being "a professional photographer." I still shoot rather often, and am published, on average, several times a month in a variety of magazines. But I no longer charge for what I do, or sell photos. I have come full circle, and am a photographer simply and solely because I love what I do.



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