If you are NOT an aspiring model, and not writing on behalf of a model, but wish to contact us anyway, go directly here.

If you ARE an aspiring model, we need to know something about you and your aspirations when you contact us.  What we tell a 40 year old man is very different from what we tell a 25 year old woman, and if you happen to be 16 years old, 5'10" tall, slim and beautiful, you will get still another very different answer. 

We will want to know the following:

    1.  Age
    2.  Height
    3.  Weight
    4.  Stats (bust, waist, hips for women, chest/waist for men)
    5.  Location (where you live, and where you want to model, if different)
    6.  Modeling interests (what kind of modeling do you want to do?)
    7.  If you are under 18, why aren't your parents writing to us?
    8.  Pictures are not absolutely required, but are very helpful. If possible, they should include a clear, clean headshot and a full-length shot. We prefer pictures 600-800 pixels high.  Pictures must be JPEG only.

Now here's how you send us an email: click here.

* - note:  we will work with young models, but we require parental involvement in anything you do if you are under 18. 



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